Back the gravy train up.... Partial Nudity?

I was browsing the forum and I noticed something at the bottom of the page. The ESRB rating for Halo games over all lists one of the reasons being “Partial Nudity” thats fine and dandy, I could see Cortana being the reason, but hold up. I didn’t remember ever seeing Partial Nudity in the rating of a Halo game so I went and looked at the back of all the Halo boxes and sure enough none of them say “Partial Nudity”. So what does this mean? Is there another Halo that has yet to be announced that has already been rated by the ESRB? Did 343i mess up on the site? Are we getting a skin of Jorge in a thong as DLC? OR the more likely they still see fit to keep that there from the Halo 2 Vista “Slip up” even though they never list that in any other instance.

check it out

A little insight on what happened.