“Back smack” challenge improvement

In week one of season 2 there was a challenge related to “get x # of back smacks”. Annoying challenge to begin with, but made worse by the fact that certain back smacks didn’t count. For example if you back smacked someone with Camo you earned a “sneak king” medal and not a “back smack” medal. Similarly, if you back smacked some with OS, you earned yourself an “Achilles spine” medal. The simple solution to this would be to amend the medal to read “earn x # of backs smacks, sneak king, or Achilles spine” medals. The response I got from support that was barely intelligible was that this is “something they don’t have a fix for right now.” Probably the simplest QOL fix I’ve found yet.

Make this change so we know you’re listening.

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Back Smacks also don’t count as Melee kills despite being Melee kills. I think it’s because the tracker is tuned to track the medals, not the kill methods themselves.

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Exactly, by expanding the challenge to account for various medal types, it seems as though the tracking issue would be resolved. A series of “and” / “or” adjustments to solve the issue.