Back Compat Theater

So, with Reach, Theater didn’t always work properly when it was made backwards compatible. You would either get a message during the film saying there was an error while playing the film, or you wouldn’t be able to open it at all. I’ve heard that those who had played it on 360 or something didn’t have this issue, but that’s the thing. There are plenty of people, myself included, who never got their hands on the 360. So when the four 360 games come out, fully backwards compatible, can the fine folks at 343 work on making Theater mode work properly with Xbox One? I find great joy in taking screenshots of Halo games, and I’m sure plenty of other people do to. Or they just forgot to record a sick clip for their montage (gonna get so many likes hehe sniff). I’m sure it’s not too difficult to do, and if it’s done, plenty of fans, including me, will be greatly pleased

I hope non of the BC Halo titles come out like Reach did! That would be terrible, although I’m sure theater mode and the games will work fine…hopefully!