B.S.a [blue spartan army] [recruiting]

Hello To All Halo Players
My Name Is Patrick Also Known As Bravoz596
if You Check My Profile or Service Record Im Currently Lt.Colonel Grade 2

I Have Created this Clan Called B.S.A [Blue Spartan Army]
Currently I Have 3 Members [I Have Just Started This Clan So There’s Not Much Too It]

1.To Help New Comer’s Rank and Learn The Basic’s To Halo Reach
2.To Have Fun [As Always]
3.To Prevent Inappropriate Players From Harrassing The Halo Community

I Allow Any Player To Join Even If U Are a Recruit Thats Fine! I Do Not Really Have Anything Againt’s People Who Are New To Game

So If You Are Interested Please Message Me On Xbox Live [It Can Me Any Message Text or Voice is Gladly Appreciated] Or Email Me At patlaz119@yahoo.co.nz

Thank You For Taking Time To View This Post
I Hope You Guys Join My Clan

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There Is only 1 Requirement To Join:

1.Be A Least 12 Yrs Old And Over