Ayo, 343i, is your anti-cheat working for MCC?

What the f!@# is going on with MCC lately? For the past month I’ve been encountering people that have the obvious ability of cheating in the CGB, as in the ability to fly-hack and crash an entire server with ease. From what I’ve heard, they’re using something called a “dev-kit”… whatever the hell that is. I have met around nearly 5 hackers roaming the CGB within the span of, I think, 3 weeks. This is getting kinda’ ridiculous knowing that we’re back to the beginning when they first implemented this.

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MCC isn’t be updated on plenty 2022 since the last update was on November 2021

MCC’s Anti-Cheat is so easy to bypass it literally only requires one small edit to a game file.

It’s not going to get better anytime soon.

Important to note here I dont hear/see reports of this in MCC anywhere near as much as Infinite.

Of course its all without numbers.