Axon- A Symmetrical Objective Map

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Axon is a symmetrical 2 tiered map built with the gametype Ricochet in mind and inspired by 2 that arguably were the best for that gametype, Haven and The Pit. What both maps have in common is the 2 tiered /3 route approach to each side, a common trait that has proven to be choice pick for Halo maps as is gives enough predictability and flexibility to either team. On the map you will find 3 power weapons, Sword, Rockets, and Railgun. Sword is respectably in the Blue room while Rockets sits the the Green/Long Hall. Rail Gun sits in the bottom middle against the wall in Flowers. An overshield sits in the top middle as well. The design of the map is meant to look like an abstract simulation arena raised up on a stage and onlookers watch you from the stands and on the screens above.
*Due to a lighting bug, the map appears lighter than it should.

*Quickly updated to 1.0.1

  • Added Extra spawns - Neutral Initial Spawns now consistent with matchmaking standards - Added Fusion coils near Sword Spawn.