Axios Clan

This is a clan. You’re only requirements are to have an Xbox 360 along with Halo 4 and (optional) Halo: Reach.
Kik is recommended but optional.
GT: SG Bishop
Kik: RomanNoodlez

This team has been cancelled

… well that sucks

> 2533274994484128;3:
> … well that sucks

Yeah, well this is worse for me because I sound wishy washy.
Axios is back up. We have eight members so far. We would like 16, and if we could have more that’s fantastic.

We’re looking for average players that can take easy commands. We’d also like for you to have a mike. Age really doesn’t bother me as long as you’re good.

Any teams out there that would like to do a 4v4?


Axios is now a clan. We are on Skype, Oovoo and Kik. Our games are Halo and Destiny, soon to be GTA if all goes well. Only requirement is to have a mike. I’m in charge of the Halo Division. Any other Division that you’re interested in, PM me.