AWV is accepting any and all players! (H4)

Greetings fellow members of Waypoint and players of Halo 4.

I am a representative of the Ark War Veterans, or AWV for short. We are a Halo 4 (and now, Destiny) clan, existing for approximately three years - ironically, started on the date of September 9th, 2011. Currently we have approximately 170 members, and are militarized like many other clans in the community, but our system is rather unique, focused on the canon Covenant government and hierarchy rather than the common modern-day military structure.

Like the gears that keep the clan operational, we aim to tend to keep everything within the clan both new and easy to adjust to. While the AWV is military and thus actively participates in the occasional raids, wars, and skirmishes, along with having branches and a balanced ranking structure, we also aim to have a healthy, positive, fresh, and enjoyable community.

The only requirements for joining is being 13 or older, and having (or soon getting) a fully operational headset or Kinect. There is no exceptions in gender, race, beliefs, region, connection, or skill, no matter how bad; everyone is welcome into the AWV with open arms, and all positions below the leaders is reachable by any, regardless of said attributes. The only exception is language, but a solution is being worked out to that problem.

Along with accepting new members we have also recently began a Republic, or a Hegemony as the alternative, and are also looking for clans who are willing to join under our name. More info on that can be acquired by messaging me or any of the gamertags listed below.

The clan is well developed and has an intricate way of operation, along with being under the sponsorship of the music artist Rebel General, and soon me as well, but to keep things (somewhat) short, I will spare those details; however should anyone want to inquire, I would be happy to assist via Xbox LIVE.

Notable contacts:
-Rebel Rapptor, founder and leader of the AWV
-Dreaded Dybbuk, co-leader of the AWV
-AWV Zerovirus, prime ambassador, adviser, and development assistant.
-AWV Kamehameha, vice adviser and development assistant.
-TWIZTEDxNOOCH, administrator of the AWV primary website.

We do have a Facebook page as well, but in order to surely stay within the forum rules, it will not be directly linked. However, you may search up ‘AWV’ if you have a Facebook; it should pop up near the top of the list with approx. 1K likes.

For any worries, suggestions, or comments with this form, feel free to contact me on Xbox LIVE or within this thread.

~AWV Zerovirus, 1st Kaidon of the AWV.