AWSOME IDEA's! TO 343 industries From Silent!

Here are some of my awsome idea’s i think the makers of Halo 4 should include:

*Unique Enemy Ai Characters: Some idea’s I think would be very enjoyable and awsome in Halo4.
Zombie Ai- Kind of like the flood but add more abilities, EX:some may
hold you down and attack you,or some may have more damage, move faster than others,or more heatlh. “Just as long as it’s not always shooting enemy’s”.

*Boss Ai- This would be a really Great idea for Halo4 because Who does’nt like BOSS Battles!?! Plus it would add a more of a wide range diversity in characters you are playing.
Than always the same one’s. Also It would increases teamwork. "just as long as you make the bosses tuff enough. Stonger than a hunter and bigger! like those monsters on reach.

> Ai’s with specific abilities and and Perks <

*Friendly Ai Contributions: Who does’nt Like a good team? Especially when you need it!
In most Game’s We often experience the lack of teamwork Especially and the Ai ground. What I am asking in this tab is for The Ai friendly Ai to really get work done and not just sit in the background waiting for the main player to get everything done by himself. Also have them Smart and able to move unto cover so the dont die easy. Ex. There is tons of cover But The DERP Ai chooses to stand in plan sight and is murder without hesitation.

Definetly this will please Halo fans from everywhere!!! Lots of idea’s so I will list them Below

  • Easier editing Tools:I can Stress this idea for forge it’s pretty much explains it’s self,but im going to anyways.
    A great idea from reach was the phase edit thing you could do so keep it. One thing I would suggest would be a tool to make it so that you can copy and paste an object so you dont have to keep on going on the menu thing to select the vary same thing! very time consuming for the creative mind. Basicly make editing fast and Quick! Also add unlimited money and objects! please! :slight_smile:

  • Wheather Day/Night functions: Really great feature would really make people want to buy halo4 if you would add this function. This would include the enabling of wheather like Fog,Snow,Rain,Sleet,Hail,Tornado,sand storm’s etc… it can go on and on Really great idea right there. Oh and also make the Night realistic.Halo reach’s was kinda not.

  • Environment Tools: THE ABILITY TO CREATE LAND FORMS AND PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MAP,cant stress that enough. make the ability to have water,Lava,Mountains,ETC… If these feature’s wont make 1million more halo’ fans nothing will… P.S.(plz make these dont be lazy)…LOL

  • Ai Tools: GIVES THE ABILITY TO CREATE AI FROM THE CAMPAIGN IN TO BE PLACED ANYWHERE IN FORGE TO POSE AS A THREAT or how ever the forger’s desire’s them to do.This would include the forger to forge the ACTIONS or MOVEMENTS of the Ai to a location.But why stop there have them able to chose the ai and have them do cenimatic movements the FORGER can Create. <AWSOME IDEA

  • CUSTOM MISSIONS TOOLS and EDITOR: THIS IS THE ICING ON THE CAKE! this will allow the forger to create there own missions. I will not give these details unless I get a job from you guys because there so great. These will remain TOP SECRET

  • Big Maps to Forge On: SELF EXPLAINITARY, dont just make one big map, make more with different enviroments like Desert’s, Islands, Snowy mountains, Snow covered favela’s ANYTHING THAT LOOKS PLEASING AND IS DIFFERENT HECK add a map that’s you go in a huge cave idk… but I could make same great maps!

  • Building Modules: ALLOWS PLAYERS TO BUILD THERE OWN OBJECTS! I Often see a problem in forge. This will help you guys. Design a way for players to make there own building materials but also make defualt one’s too.

  • Active Enviroments Modules: Allows players to activate there own characters and idea’s. Ex if you want to build a Car this module Lets them.

*Multiplayer: Ah I love me some multiplayer. Especially Custom multiplayer games.

  • Here are some custom ranking multiplayer gametypes that i Made for Ranked playist
    *Paintball- 2 Teams, 1 straight field designed like a paintball field. weapons shoot like paintball markers.1 life. rules Style Team Elimination. Physics: jumping decrease’s
    *Team Elimination- People i have played this Love it And i always have full games! everyday when i play this game mode… 1 life. no sheilds, no recharge, realistic jumping height.(health packs will be on the field.) make it so that the player dies by at least by 5 shots from the assault rifle.
    Loadouts Include: Assault rifle,needler,plasma pistol,2 gernades,no armor abilities,spiker,plasma rifle. no 1 shot headshot guns.because this is not SWAT. lolz
    If i am choosen to help with the making of the game.The loadouts of the weapons may change do to the new info of guns. 5 rounds for quick game’s 11 rounds for official.
    5 round game will be called: Team Elimnation EXPRESS also known as (T.E or T.E.E)
    *Team Demolition- Team Elimnation but with 1 bomb and two team bases. if bomb is droped it will stay there unless it falls out of the map or is there for 1 minute. (T.D)
    If my Idea’s from forge are added this Countless gamemodes that will be created Just IMAGINE!!! MILLIONS WILL BECOME FANS!!! goodbye modern warefare and bf3… sry k bye!!lol
    *Weapons/ and attachments: Silencers,custom gun colors,and camo, gernade lauchers for the noobs. (hehe)… LASERZ!!!,flashlights,and adjustable sites. Also make it so you can change these while Ur in the game USING THE BACKPACK SYSTEM that will be descussed in the armor abilities section…
    Do i deserve an award For this or what?
    *Armor/custom emblems: bring back the katana on the back. add more personal stuff that will bring back old mermories and new memmories of awsome stuff u can have on the spartan. Ex flaming Heads in a variety of colors. Custom face mask like emile’s that the player can make! Custom designs the player can make on the SPARTAN! Ex. they can make there own paintjobs on any part of there spartan…
    *Armor abilities: ANOTHER GREAT TOPIC
    Backpacks: this is a must for when you need any back up weapons, or attachments needed for the operation.
    AMMO PACKS: extra ammo that can be used
    Healthpacks: to Heal downed teamates and self. but not unlimited healing.
    *Armor Upgrades: Put this into effect. Allows players armor to give the better performance on the battlefield. EX: players with enough expereince will be able to purchase these upgrades.
    Upgrades include:
    Faster reload time
    faster speed
    higher jumping
    Night Vision
    Thermal Vision
    semi Camoflauged armor- allows players to go camoflauged for limited time
    better accuracy
    faster healing time
    and much much more. This will make people more eager to become the best.
    and last but not least
    *Camera Views: 3rd person,2nd person or behind side view.Ex Socom4. (if not add 3rd person plz!!!)
    I am an aspiring Game desinger and would like to join 343 to help make a HALO4 the best game possible so please support this forum.
    Feel free to answer the poll and to reply plz
    I Like to read feedback And anything that would help
    to Boost My idea’s
    Thank you

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Are you laughing about the Poll? lol

Too many words… my brain hurts.

you should add these to your list communtiy ideas

I did have 7499 but it would’nt let me :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Deadly what community ideas? when i went to the link you’re forum poped up

Would be helpful if you categorized them.

Regarding the AI,

  1. The friendly AI presence should be stronger.

In CE, you could get a lot of marines quite easily, if you skipped. On T&R, you could get the game to spawn additional friendly AI by leaving marines behind. On AotCR, you could get an additional 7 marines to follow you.

In H2, you had Elites and Grunts. Even if there weren’t that many, their uniqueness made up for that. Plus, you could increase their numbers by exiting the map and transporting AI using the Spectre and such. You could get 4 Hunters on GJ by skipping ahead.

Also, in H2, you could get marines for the IWHBYD fight, including Johnson. Wasn’t easy but it was at least possible thanks to perma camo.

In H3 and Reach, friendly AI numbers are meaningless. The AI are horrible, though H3’s AI are better with their guns and 1 Arbiter is 400x better than all of Noble Team combined.

  1. The friendly AI spawns should be easy to anticipate and more controllable.

In H3, The Storm’s warehouse is hell when it comes to collecting enemies. Friendly AI spawn in various places and at various points. All useless to the collection since they don’t have restraint, except for the last pair of marines:

This is quite pathetic compared to AotCR where you could have 16 marines fight 65+ Covies!

  1. The friendly AI need to stop crate climbing.

In H3, my Elites get distracted by supply cases, climbing up on them instead of pursuing the retreating Brutes.

In H2, I’ve been saved from certain death (enemy sword Elites) on Legendary due to this behavior.

Thanks for the info…
I would like them to develop
a kind of team chat system
that would allow you to talk to the
Ai, and give them orders on what to do
That would be cool,and more organized.