Awsome ideas for Infinite.

First of all I think that there should be open worlds to play on but not only through missions. There should be spawning points for vehicles and findable weapons and bosses.
I wish that it would feel a little like Halo: CE with lots of cool architecture and worlds. the CE soundtrack was epic so… please reboot that idea. Oh, the return of the Focus rifle and of some old vehicles. Each Spartan could have His/her flagship from which you can buy weapons, launch vehicles, get to other worlds…ETC.
also I think Infinite would be absolutely epic if at the beginning you can choose whether you want to be a Spartan, a Special Forces, an assassin, an ODST, or even Elites.
and I just know there should be other ways to get armor than REQ packs. could there be Operations, match made kind of like a strike in “Destiny 2”?
maybe some new vehicles, new forms of old enemies, and permanent collectable weapons that we don’t lose every time we die? and please tone Cortana down and make it Teen. so many of us are waiting for Halo 5 to pass its traits to its successor. PLZ come back Spartan Buck! oh and I hope we can customize our characters form and facial expressions.

There are already a few Infinite wishlist threads you can add to.

Hey OP, appreciate the time you put into this but there are already a multitude of active wish list threads available. Rather than everyone creating a separate topic for their own wants and wishes, best to try and keep that number down. Feel free to add your thoughts to any of the existing threads, thanks :slight_smile: