Awesome halo 4 story

Well i once read a book called halo ghost of omnix were kelly, fred and the rest of master chiefs team went on a mission to a planet and while they were looking around they found some forunner stuff so they started looking but somehow they got sucked in the planet and they got stuck. And so that planet that master chief is getting sucked into may be the same planet that his team is stuck in and he finds them and they get out and find a new enemie and try to stop then, that would make a good story, if you have any ideas please write it down.

I think that the terminals tell about kelly and the rest of the team

Nope, at San Diego Comic Con they said that the terminals were going to follow 343 guilty spark’s story, which I personally find much more interesting. Btw Halo Glasslands will cover the story of the spartans that ended up in onyx

so what do you think the story should be