Awash forge not writing forge maps

I’ve tried out the new forge. It is one of the most innovative parts of the game. I will touch awash only but it won’t save.
I tried several times to save. No temporary file was generate or local file. Please bump so pro forgers aren’t’ inhibited.

Odd. Can you describe the exact steps you took to save the map variant? Which menu options you picked, what map name and description you typed, and so on.

I’ve had this same problem, but it saved for a day or toe and then deleted, and I had quite a bit of work done so I’m a bit concerned if this will get fixed.

I’m also experiencing this. All of my variants are deleted shortly after they are created. I can select only my most recently played map variant, which is distinct from a saved local file.

If I go into My Files I can see a temporary list of my recently played variants, but when I re-save them to my local files, they are quickly wiped again.

As a result, any time I spend creating a map in forge is completely wasted. Forge, and to a lesser extent custom games, are therefore unplayable for me.

My files aren’t just not being loaded, they are being removed from local files completely. On some occasions I can play a newly saved variant, but after I end the game, it’s wiped.