Awarding Achievements with REQ packs?

NOTE: I posted this in General Discussion not knowing there was a Halo 5 Subforum, so I shall repost it here as it is more appropriate. I will also post some replies that help encourage the idea.

Recently I pitched the idea with my friend that achievement’s depending how much gamerscore they give you, should reward you with different tiers of REQ packs. Think of it how Playstation organizes it’s trophies as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum (being when you unlock them all). Since REQ packs are organized similarly, you could award people when they get certain achievements with a pack that suits the difficulty/gamerscore value of the achievement. This would encourage people to 100% the Achievements of the game and therefore boost play time for the game’s records.
Tell me what you think, if you like it let’s try to contact 343 to implement it. It shouldn’t be too hard, and people who already have an achievement can just get them immediately with the update. Just code it so it searches through the profile’s achievements when logging in and see if a REQ pack has been rewarded yet and bingo.

Post by “Avoqula”: “I think it would be a good idea because it could get people who are into and mainly play arena/warzone motivation to try something new, being campaign and vis versa for campaign to arena. I only play arena and if they did give out packs I would play campaign and might actually enjoy it.”