Awakening The Nightmare DLC

Please remove the messages about the fireteam and Awakening DLC if said person owns it. I spent an hour with microsoft support thinking my content never activated because when i would reboot the game the same messages would appear.

P.S. Also the Awakening button on the far right. Instead of it saying You Already Own This. Maybe go to the campaign so people you know… know its there.

Someone asked Ske7ch about this on Reddit a couple of weeks ago. His response was as follows:

> Q: In Halo Wars 2 is it possible to stop the ads for DLC from popping up every time I start the game?
> A: Unfortunately not at this time - It’s something I’ve been asking about for a long time, I’d love if it could be a ‘nag’ that you see once and then aren’t forced to see it again unless it changes. There’s still hope it might get changed to work like this but it’s very low on the team’s priority list.