Average age of Halo gamers?

My real name is Richard and I am a 33 year old father of 2 and a husband to a loving wife. Sitting here on my lunch break wondering how many people other than me have been with Halo from the start. Halo CE started it all on the Xbox. That thing was a beast compared to other consoles of its day or at least i think so. How many still play even after kids and a family appear. How many still play after the real world sets in after High School. How many right now are reading this going dude that’s me? Well here it is: What is the average range of ages of the HALO gamer?

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Won’t do a bio respectively but I’m 22. Have played since odst and will play any future Halo titles. I have come across people of all ages though.

I’m 25, got the majority of my play time in during High School and College. I’d say during Halo 4 and after was my least productive times of playing Halo (ages 21-present). I would also argue that since 2012 the games have been less enjoyable to play, but that’s an opinion for another time lol.

I’m 18, but I’m thinking mid-20’s?

I’m almost as old as you, Richard, but my first Halo game was actually Reach.

I am 26 and have played Halo since HCE on the original Xbox when I was 12. Grew up with an 11 year old brother, so it was easy to get into these games.

I’m 49, wife and kids. I have been playing video games since pong. Purchased a XBOX and it was bundled with C.E. Never herd of it before. Was so hooked that all the other Halos games I waited in line at 12 midnight to buy them, except for H5 I pre ordered. Was so disappointed with the campaign, that It sat on the self for a while. Wanted to get my monies worth, so I tried the MP, and was impressed so much, that it has been the only other MP FPS I have played since launch.

38 and been gaming since Atari days. Been a Halo fan since CE and even though there is some disapointment with 4 & 5 I am still a fan of the series. I play H5 firefight a few times a week.

I’ll be turning 30 in a couple months. I’ve been playing Halo since the very early days of Halo CE. Halo CE is still the Halo game I play most regularly(albeit through MCC now).

I’m a 14-year-old kid who’s been playing Halo as long as I can remember.

35 here, and gratified to see some other folks with numbers not beginning with 1 or 2. :wink:

But, while I’ve been playing video games all my life starting with my Atari 2600, I’ve only actually been into Halo for a couple years.

Im currently 26.

2001 - Halo CE: I was 11, I had a paper route and was trying desperately to save up for an xbox… all of my friends had/ wanted ps2s but i just thought the xbox looked way cooler, specifically the game Azurik: Rise of Parathia (lol). I made about 30$ every two weeks or so with my paper route and had to spend about 6$ a week to get a chocolate milk at school for lunch (lol i know)… lets just say it was taking a while to get it. however I found a 100$ bill on the ground while delivering papers and that topped me up to 350$. I came home FREAKING out only to hear that apparently tax is a thing. my dad saw my hopes and dreams get litterally crushed by “the man” and covered the tax for me. that weekend we went to blockbuster and we had a free came rental and since it had co op and my friend was sleeping over we rented a game called… halo. and thus started it all…played the -Yoink- out of it. invited all my friends over, they all got xboxes for xmas, found out we can system link, found out about xbc… played the campaign tons of times on all difficulties etc. mind blown.

2004 - Halo 2: I was the age where my only responsibility was school, wake up, go to school, come home, play halo, explain to mom that I cant “pause” it because its online get grilled during dinner about being late for dinner. play halo. sleep. repeat.

2007 - Halo 3: had a legit min-wage job at the time and could afford the collectors edition and was able to attend midnight launches, was my prized possession, was also in grade 12 so I had off-blocks which were basically halo blocks. when the halo 3 beta came out a kid at my school called 2 bomb threats back to back to give us 2 days off in a row to play. halo is the only reason I bought crackdown and the servers not working is the only reason I ever played ageis wing haha

2010 - halo reach: Im out of highshcool and more “mature” I guess, this is the first halo where I actively followed the build up, reading every article and watching every vidoc etc… ARENA MODE?! OMGGGGGgg HYPE!. Only thing I didnt like was that I knew the ending of the campaign haha but still prob my second most hyped halo game ever.

2004 - Halo 4: I was worried about this one because of the dev switch but I still bought the LE console, wanted that unicorn skin and was still running off my launch xbox 360. ended up being my favorite halo campaign but the multiplayer died very quickly :frowning:

now being 26 halo 5 was def my favorite build up, the hunt the truth series was great, I have never been more invested in the lore of halo and I just love the fact that I, In a way, Grew up with halo.

I picked up Halo (my first video game ever) when it launched. I was 36. I just turned 51 last month. OUCH.

I’m still an 18 year old punk kid. Been playing MP since 2. But been playing since CE, I don’t really count it though. Now I am a die hard fan. And I filled my head with more lore than anyone I know. Mostly Covenant stuff as I could care less for humanitY as a species. And to this day Jackal snipers haunt me. I’m telling you if The Covenant pulled out more of those guys. The war would have been theirs no doubt.

15 here. Loved Halo and started on Halo 2 I loved playing but barely got to. Played all the Halos but mostly Reach.

My name’s Raymond, I’m an 18 year-old from Ontario, Canada, and I joined the online Halo scene for the first time in May 2016.

I’m 29 and I have been playing Halo ever since it came out on the original xbox beast. And that’s when friend’s got together to beat up each other to see who was the best at halo. I lost tuch with playing Halo for a bit when I joined the sevice. I went from halo 2 to halo 4 so I had some catching to do. But I’m still play mostly on the weekends, I’m not supper great but I play for the fun of the game.

21, been playing Halo since I was about 6 and a half, and now I am Onyx in Halo 5 and a former Halo 3 speedrunner.

13, damn I’m pretty young compared to all of you, played Halo CE when I was pretty small, used to actually like Reach but now that I play it, I don’t really like it. My birthday is on October 23

I’d say about 18-19 would be the average, considering how many teens I know that play.