Avengers Of Reach

Greetings spartan! Avengers Of Reach is a competitive arena focused company. Our goal is to rise up the leader boards to prove our worth in the arena. Obtaining champion rank is our main focus. Come join us for your chance to be called a champion!
Arena team requirements

  • 17+ [unless approved by command] - Mic required - **Dedicated spartans only!**Aside from the arena we will have game nights and training. These will range from custom games [ Made and perfected by co lead Klondike]
    To lobbies for warzone matches or other non competitive gamemodes. We know even spartans need some downtime after a day of bashing heads and taking names.
    For any questions message Mr Nuclearchaos or Kurondaiku.
    See you in the battlefield!

[Ranking coming soon once spots fill up!]