Avatar Tee giveaway for wrestling trivia

I have come across a card with codes for a male and a female Halo 4 avatar tee. I would like to give them away with a twist. If there are two things I love its Halo and Pro Wrestling.

So with that said I offer up WWE trivia for the codes. If you hate wrestling, I really dont care. No need to tell me your opinion of it.

(disclaimer: while I believe these codes have not been used I am not 100 percent so if it does not allow you to redeem then sorry.)

For the MALE code:

Although Chris Jericho is largely recognized as being Canadian, where was he born? (be specific)

(female code question to follow once this question is answered. first to get it correct will get the code)

Manhasset, New York

correct, my good man. Check you messages in a moment.

For the female Tee code:

Name 2 gimmicks that Kane had in WWE before becoming Kane.

Not to be a -Yoink- but all the answers to your questions can be found easily on Google…this isn’t really much of a contest.

true, but I never said it was a contest. I’m just giving them away on my own terms.

I didn’t get the code in my inbox.

Hey man, I tried to PM you 3 times and it never shows up in my sent folder. Not sure if I am doing something wrong?

IDK if you can message me on Xbox Live from xbox.com

sent on xbox live

It worked, thanks!

No problem!

anyone want to female code? answer the question above!