Avatar effects

In halo 3 we could rank up and effects on our character. I had the thunderstorm effect which took months to get. Do any halo games have this now? Halo 3 masterchief apparently does not.

Halo 3 never had the ability to put Armour Effects on your Spartan. The only ones that could were Bungie themselves with the Bungie Armour Chestplate, that gave them the flaming helmet effect.

I believe you’re thinking of Halo: Reach, which isn’t a part of the MCC. Sadly no other Halo games have had the same level of customisation that Halo: Reach did, though it’s implied Halo Infinite may do.

Your right. I forgot about reach I was working in Atlanta ga. In 2011 For 3 months and played halo reach every nite and earned the inclement weather. It was so cool. Its ashamed it’s gone.

Inclement Weather is awesome

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A lot of people who are high ranks wear inclement weather even though everyone uses it still I think it’s the best armour effect in Reach besides blue flame.