Available Halo 5 Playlists

Greetings, Spartans!

Today we wanted to give you a heads-up about the future of Halo 5’s playlists, which we first spoke about in our Autumn Archives Community Update, here: www.halowaypoint.com/news/autumn-archives

For Halo 5 our goal is to ensure that there’s a variety of playlists, that also support healthy player counts. So without further ado, here’s a rundown of the playlists that are available in Halo 5:


  • Quick Play
  • Super Fiesta Party
  • Big Team Battle
  • Big Team Super Fiesta
  • Infection


  • Slayer
  • Team Arena
  • 2v2 Competitive
  • SWAT
  • Elimination
  • Free-For-All


  • Warzone Firefight
  • Mythic Warzone Firefight
  • Warzone Warlords
  • Warzone (Warzone will be the primary default, with Warzone Turbo and Warzone Assault added in at lower weighting)

Too, we’ll be kicking off one final ranked Arena Season that will begin on December 2, 2021.

Thank you!


I am really sad to see that the Seasonal Rankings in Halo 5 will be ending with next season. I had hopes of one day being able to reach the rank of Champion in a playlist (probably Elimination as it’s my favorite mode). Is there a reason why you can’t just leave the seasonal ranking system on so that it resets every few months? Will this last season just last forever and you can still grind for rank?

Also, will there be any more chances to earn the Ice Unicorn AR skin, or will that become unobtainable now?


I really wish you folks would have Mythic Warzone Firefight as a permanent double XP from here on out. A lot of us are still grinding trying to get to 152 for that armor and the errors in matchmaking and players that set their controlers to automove are making it too difficult to either finish matches or get enough points.

Put permanent 2x, 3x, 4x, or even 5x XP up for Mythic please. Also, fix the app/website so we can purchase and sell reqs with our points. Please.


Hi @Andy6458 - thanks for getting this posted on the new Forums!

I do hope that one day the team might consider Grifball - or at the very least including Action Sack as a permanent playlist.

Action Sack includes a variation of Grifball at least - and there are medals tied to Grifball which are now unobtainable.



@Andy6458 While it looks like the inclusion of core play seems unlikely to make the final cut for the social playlist, is there any chance that ranked team Arena will revert to its original settings? It kills me that I cannot play the best game modes the way you originally envisioned it when you guys developed H5. Spartan abilities are my favorite aspect of 5, and its a shame that pressure from the professional scene has caused it to be weeded out. At this point, I feel that the individuals that are still playing H5 are doing so bc they love everything about it, and do not wish to be bogged down by the strictness of HCS settings when they jump onto Team Arena. Thanks for hearing me out!


Also, why not bring back Assault in 4v4 while we’re at it?


Hey I was wondering whether the the req store will be updated by replacing the animation pack with legendary warzone xp for those still playing to reach SR 152.


It has historically been quite uncommon to see the Legendary Warzone XP Boost Packs in the store. Due to this, I would guess that we won’t see these packs anytime in the near future.

In addition to that, it’s also worth noting that these packs aren’t an essential piece in the journey towards SR152. Based on data collected from approximately 2000 Mythic Warzone Firefight games between SR145 and SR152, these packs will yield approximately a 10% increase in xp payouts for time spend if we assume that the most effective req point usage strategy is utilized. For me when I grinded towards SR152, I didn’t in fact spend any req points in these packs.


Is there a more efficient use of RP than buying the Legendary XP packs?

I would consider the number of uses for req points to be quite limited after you have unlocked every single permanent req card from the standard req pool. The Leg. WZ XP Boost packs aren’t that useful and will only yield a net increase in xp payouts by around 10% which isn’t that much in the long run.

So, if using RP has no better option than the XP boost packs, I’d still take a 10% increase over nothing.

Any update on when the Evergreen Season will end?

Please bring back access to Halo 5’s rotational playlist content in some permanent fashion. I have an idea for reworking the social playlist offerings to do just that.

  1. The first change is the simplest and most obvious. Replace Quick Play with Core Play. There’s no reason a player shouldn’t have access to a wider variety of traditional modes and maps within the social environment. The 3 map and single mode limitations of Quick Play are no longer necessary at this point in the game’s lifecycle given the end of active sustainment support.

  2. Combine all of the Big Team modes together into a single playlist. A mixed-bag playlist that groups Big Team Battle, Big Team Super Fiesta, and Castle Wars. Perhaps call it Big Team Party. This at least provides a form of access to all Big Team 8v8 content in H5 going forward.

  3. Introduce a new mixed-bag playlist, consider calling it Social Mixer, that aims to include most 8 player rotational playlist modes from the past. For example: Covenant Slayer, Forerunner Slayer, H2BR Slayer, Community Slayer, Community Ghost in the Shell Slayer, Shotty Snips, Mythic Shotty Snips, Rock N Rail, Anniversary Throwback, Roaming Kings, Action Sack, Assault, ODST Slayer, Halo 3 Classic Throwback, Mythic Arena, Mythic FFA, & Grifball.

This plan maintains some form of access to nearly the full social arena library of modes and doesn’t increase the total number of playlists; in fact, it trades out a second active Big Team playlist for a massive mixed-bag 8 player playlist that keeps a wide variety of social experience content accessible to the remaining population. This is perhaps the best option absent implementing a match composer in Halo 5. Again, please bring back some form of access to this missing content.


I agree: Core Play needs to be back as a permanent list, ideally replacing Team Arena like it used to be so we can finally, once again, play objective game types according to Halo 5’s original vision. If not that, then at least make it a permanent social playlist in stead. And, while you’re at it, you guys said months ago you were getting rid of the superflous “Solo/Duo Team Arena” playlist, so why is it still there?

Hello andy is this the final ranked play list?
Me and a big group of friends really wanted ranked snipers. I was hoping to finally get some answers from somebody :confused: :pray:


Please consider adding Action Sack to the permanent social list. It would allow for SOME Griffball to get played.
You could remove Big Team Super Fiesta, and Keep the ‘normal’ Super Fiesta if there are too many playlists.


Please don’t advocate for the removal of H5’s online content. It’s been bared down to much already. Thanks.


I understand your point, but my personal opinion is that BTB super fiesta is a superfluent playlist, and action sack would be better suited.

I would agree with double xp and a daily limit, the point is to reward players for playing, but just giving away the coating would nullify the experience of those who earned it and make it common. It’s a grind for a cosmetic at the end of the day and people had 7 years to earn it.