Available for Endure or Deja Vue!

Hey all. I’ve got today off and will be hammering out the last couple achievements I need for ODST. While I expect to be doing 200ks solo for most of the day, if you’re looking for another body for Endure or Deja Vue, send me a xboxlive message. This is probably the last day I’ll be available at times convenient for others, else I would have posted in someone else’s topic. I’m a pretty solid player, though it may take me some time to get back in the swing of things. I tend to also play it safe, so you wouldn’t have to worry about me suicide charging a chieftain or anything.

Hope someone’s got a spontaneous lobby up and I see you soon.

-Ursus the Grim

Ill join you, i need both Deja Vu and Endure.

ill help you i have nothing to do for a couple of hours ive done deja vu 3 times and the 200 k’s multiple times just send me a Fr WhiteWolf1024

Thanks guys. I’ve now got Deja Vu scheduled for 8 pm EST. That said, I’ll be chugging away at the 200k. I doubt there’s enough time to throw together a lobby for endure and get it done in that window.

If you’re still trying to get it, I can certainly help you with Endure. I’d be free this whole weekend.

Thanks for the offer.

Unfortunately, I realized that I can’t play online CoOp with the XBox Slim and my ‘real’ XBox just went in for repairs. Meaning it will likely be a while before I’ll be up to do anything again. Thanks anyway guys.