Automute and Betrayal

I am an exceptional teammate. Always going +10 or more (or sometimes slightly less). I love to call out and help my team. I like to compliment their good saves and follow ups.

Then I get automuted. Whats worse is that I can’t party up with my teammates after a game if they were random because it won’t let me invite them to my fire team. It won’t even let me invite them to a party or anything!! Wtf!? I am a competitive arena player, and now I’m muted and punished. No wonder nobody on halo 5 has a mic, they probably used to be useful teammates at one point!!
Muting players in h5 is so easy, why auto mute people. It’s essentially pointless in this game. It takes 1.5 sec to mute someone nowadays from the scoreboard screen. Yet we silence the most helpful people because 343, like the federal government, tries to make a plan assuming it will only affect nasty, worst players, but it ends up damaging the best players.

Also, I got kicked from a matchmaking game for betrayals. Seems legit, right? The only thing is that I was betrayed first. I let it go, then the guy starts to try to betray me again. All because I’m at the top of the leader boards I guess because why else would they have done this? I was already auto-muted at this point so that rules out anything I could have said. Anyway, he goes to betray me again, making me one shot, so I scatter shot this bisnitch. I continue playing and I get team naded, then killed by the enemy. Now I’m pissed. I try to ignore it, it happens again. The the guy and another teammate come up to me both shooting me so I scatter shot them both with my aim being better than theirs, and I get booted from a game I would have otherwise won. It was 43 to 25 and I was 21 and 10 despite the team kills.

What the hell 343.

I’ll take you on my team anyday.