Automatic Only Gametypes

Hey peeps. Now as much as I like the precision weapons, I love using the automatics too… now I have been wanting an automatic only playlist, it’s so much more casual and chilled playing with them! Does anybody else agree? Everybody is just BR BR BR BR DMR DMR allllll the time these days! Have some variety!

I would even love an automatics SWAT gametype!

not for me…i’m one of the BR guys
maybe mini slayer on action sack?

It would be fun, but do to the limited range of autos smaller maps or bigger team sizes would be required. Unfortunately, Mini Slayer is not really in the Action Sack rotation anymore. I think it’s still there, but I haven’t gotten a game of it in months.

Could be a good idea, I love my BR but playing with ARs from time to time can be fun.

Yes, I have tried it in Custom Games and they bring forth a very different, entertaining, and refreshingly new style of play.

Man I’d love that!
It adds up some interesting gameplay and actually makes players want to find on-map weapons.
If anything I’d rather have ‘Legendary Slayer’ actually have this instead of BR and AR starts.
It’s safe to say that this idea is nice and ‘safe’…

I loved the legendary slayer gametype! Even with the on map BR’s and such it was just lovely!