Auto-reconnect following a game crash in ranked

I think that, if you crash or something happens during a ranked game, there should be a feature to reconnect you upon starting the game back up. This would improve the health of ranked games and allow a team that loses a player to get them back and not completely ruin the match. I don’t know any of the logistical workings of this, just a thought I had.


Completely agree with this. I have had multiple crashes during ranked games, and forcing a loss in a game that is almost won is extremely frustrating.

I also sincerely hope that the crashes arent a problem on release and I wont have to worry about this issue period. However, this does not excuse the lack of a reconnect option, players that have unstable internet connections and low-end PCs should not have to suffer from complications that are out of their control.

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I was just playing a raked game and the game closed, I couldn’t go back to the same game, I hope they fix it.

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