Auto pickup better equipment?

I for one would love it if I could set an equipment order that the game would adhere too and collect for me without me having to hold B.

I got the idea from when you grappleshot OS or camo, you ditch the grappleshot automatically.

Wouldn’t it be great if the same thing happened whenever I ran over an OS? It would be especially useful for those times it’s not in its usual spawn, (someone carried it and lost it).

It would be great if you could make a preference list that the game recognised so you didn’t have to get killed picking up OS from the floor.


uh uh another idea: when shootin two enemies , it should automatically pick the player with lower shield. :slight_smile:

Well it’s a mismash between the mechanics that bugs me.

I grapple a powerup and it is automatically picked up

I run over same power up and it’s not.


Grappling a power up is clearly intentional while walking over one may be an accident. I don’t see why they couldn’t add an option like this for people who’d like it but equipment is highly situational in the first place so creating a personalized tier list is kind of pointless (besides never picking up the motion sensor).