Auto Look Centering Bug

I feel like this started happening since the update that brought the inner and outer dead zone settings.
Everytime I move around my aim just starts going straight up automatically when I let go of the right thumb stick and it’s getting really annoying.

I’ve tried playing around with those settings but I keep getting the same results, I’ve also selected restore to default settings but got the same result.

Is anyone else having this?

I just tried other controllers and they seem fine, but I still kinda think something else is going on as well.

I got this problem like a month ago but it turned out it was my controller. Have you tried a different one. Also try messing around with the fearsome settings that’s what they are there for. If you tried all that then I’m sorry I have no idea what is causing it.

Seems to me that your controller is a bit broken, raise the inner deadzone until it doesn’t move anymore.

It might be your controller. One of mine has that problem.

Raise your inner dead zone limit. The deadzones are there to compensate for worn out controllers and manufacturing tolerances. I know it kinda sucks but raising your deadzone limits will have virtually no affect on you once you adjust to them.

If your still having issues even on the default settings then it may be time to get a new controller as yours could have a worn out control stick or that has a manufacturer defect. I once went through 3 brand new controllers in one day on my xbox 360 that all had manufacturer flaws in one of the thumb sticks before I finally got one that worked properly.

Sounds like your thumb stick has drift. Either increase your inner deadzone to eliminate the effect or get a new controller.