Auto-Aim - Please offer the choice to turn it off

Please 343, give at least the choice to turn off entirely the auto-aim in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer.


Players shouldn’t be forced to play with auto-aim ON. They should have the choice to turn it off. It doesn’t matter if they are at a disadvantage, that’s not the point. Some people might feel that games on console absolutely require some auto-aim, while some others simply think that without auto-aim is just how the game is supposed to play like and the fact that it’s harder to aim with a game controller is just fine as it is.

And auto-aim always have a lot of downsides, it’s not a plus for every player. And it doesn’t make much sense for the best world players to play with auto-aim on, because a system does half of the job (aiming) for him.

If 343 wants to appeal to a wider audience, they should consider competitive gamers as well and at least offer the choice to turn off the auto-aim entirely. And no one should have something against people having the choice to turn it off.

That also means that the balance of the weapons and grenades should be designed first purely without considering auto-aim ON, unlike previous Halo games.