Autism awareness emblem?

I notice that there was a mental health awareness emblem and I think that is really neat that they did something like that. Do you think that will do -Yoink!- awareness emblem soon? I know -Yoink!- awareness month was last month but maybe next time you guys could include it. I think that would be a really nice thing.


You’ll have to wait a year, sorry.
Come june we’ll have plenty LGBT in game mechandise, I’m sure of it. Microsoft isn’t one to miss out on things like this.

As long as it doesn’t use the puzzle piece or colour blue, then I’d appreciate that a lot


Wait, why so? I dont know a whole lot about the symbols attached to this so please excuse my ignorance.

Most people see the puzzle piece as something missing whereas those people say nothing is missing. Because they say nothing is missing the puzzle piece is a bit of a problem to those with diagnoses that feel whole. As far as the blue goes I don’t know.


to put it simply: the association of puzzle pieces and awareness slogan “light it up blue” was created by a charity that believes ASD is a disease that needs a cure, speaks OVER and not FOR folks with ASD, actively dehumanises people with ASD, pretends ASD adults do not exist, and advocates for the abuse of people who show symptoms of ASD such as stimming behaviours or overstimulation responses (research: quiet hands, ABA). the puzzle piece alone is viewed as offensive by ASD folks because of A$ (the charity) and their work to find a “cure” for the condition. light it up blue is the charity’s slogan for their awareness month, April (research: Red Instead).


Wow, yeah, thats pretty messed up.

Haha guess who was right, it’s one emblem but still.