Australians listen up: you can get a refund

Here in Australia we are protected by consumer guarantees that apply to all products sold in the country. It’s basically like a universal warranty. Goods must be of acceptable quality, fit for purpose and matching the description given by the seller. I think we can agree that The Master Chief Collection is none of these things.

So if you bought your game at a retail store, take it back with your receipt and tell them you want a refund under the Australian Consumer Law guarantees. If they refuse you can report them to the Australian Competition and Consumer Comission. If you bought your game digitally I think you are still covered by the guarantee, so you could try phoning Microsoft and asking for a refund.

Yeah, you are still covered with digital purchases.
Hell, the Australian government recently took Valve to court over their “No Refunds” policy on Steam, as it is against Australian consumer law to refuse refunds on faulty products.
I believe similar laws exist in the UK also, but I’m not sure about 'Murica or any other country.

I know I could probably get a refund but I am willing to bear with it for now. I mainly brought the game for the multiplayer as well so am disappointed but am willing to stick with it for now in hope that it will get better. I have Titanfall to fall back on if I want to jump onto a dedicated server and play some high quality multiplayer.

Nar its kinda working now, That and idc I want to play halo