Australian servers

Why are the servers here in Aus dead for arena i cant find any games in any gametypes my internet is open and everything T-T please fix

I haven’t been able to find a single BTB match here in Australia since late December 2015. Team Slayer, Grifball, Swat and Warzone are working on my end however. But I agree, the servers aren’t great here, something’s gotta be done.


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> The reason why the playlists are dead is because we are region locked and people in Australia do not care for the title like they used to. I know people who played Halo religiously give up on this game because of not being able to find a match.
> I can only find SWAT matches and even then I may have to search for over 30 minutes most times. My advice is to give up and move to another game. 343 don’t care about the multiplayer matchmaking status outside of the US, if they did then they would have done something about the current state of it not just for the Oceanic/Asia region but Europe as well.

Sad but true…