Australian Servers Thanos snapped again, thx 343

TLDR This patch has made the issue infinitely worse for small regions and arguably also worse for larger regions.

Keep in mind this is during/around our peak hours.
So you remove Geofiltering the one solution we here in small countries have to play on our own servers with our own people and don’t add an official solution to the game itself…
Thanks to this patch it is now borderline impossible to get a game in Australia again, instantly put into 200ms~ the game doesn’t even try to have you wait around for an Australian lobby it just yeets you off to somewhere else in the world instantly. PING NEEDS TO BE PRIORITISED OVER QUEUE TIME NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY A GAME ON 200PING ESPECIALLY NOT AN FPS. You have effectively just Thanos snapped your smaller regions from the game. This “Solution” will now have the exact same negative effect Geofiltering has but worse now it sucks for small regions having high ping 24/7 and the desync will be even worse for the people that get us smaller regions being sent to their servers…

This patch has likely made me stop playing my favorite franchise and my favorite FPS atm. PLEASE reverse the Geofiltering decision until you have an official solution ie server select, it is so tiring getting excited over games seeing that they actually have Australian servers only then to be immediately let down by finding out they are pretty much a front for something that doesn’t really exist anyway due to the game offering practically no support to smaller regions.

EDIT: Not to mention the fact that you are directly trying to blame us Geofiltering for your terrible matchmaking system., the ones just trying to make the game playable because we want to be able to play.


Desync got way worse during peak hours for me today and I live on the west coast of the USA. Early in the day I felt a small improvement. As the day went on however it started to get worse until eventually the game just became completely unplayable.

I was always under the impression that beta’s aka “flights” where not only about finding bugs but also improving and ensuring network stability prior to launch. Apparently I was wrong.


Yeah in Europe the ping issue got worse as well

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