Australian servers are dead

It seems that on a daily basis here in Australia that there are no warzones available from 2a.m AEDST till at least midday. For the last hour have tried team arena and team slayer lobbies and still no games available. We should automatically be put onto other servers where games are running, why doesn’t that happen???

I’ve been having a similar problem in oz as well. Cannot for the life of me match to an arena game. Constantly getting the “unable to match” error. To be honest , it’s a bit of a relief to see that I am not the only one having this problem. So why can’t something be done about it? Warzone does seem to work for me though, mostly.

brazill too

I’ve given up playing Halo outside of local peak times.

I believe they did relax the latency preferred match making searches a couple of weeks ago. I got matched with overseas players for a hand full of games. Because of how unforgiving the game is and my very ordinary skill level, I couldn’t compete magnum v magnum playing against Americans.

I am unsure as to whether 343 have reverted back to local only searches. Everyone I played against over the weekend was from either Australia, NZ or somewhere in Asia.

Im having the same problem all the competitive players in aus and nz that are worth talking about want to be able to match americans. I dont know why 343 have failed us once again Its simple if you cant find local games search on an american server it should be a choice not a dictatorship by 343 because people in america are whinging scrubs that cant handle losing to foreigners on there host. Thats another issue im onxy 1700 in every playlist cant find games very often had a champion and now i dont because theres no such thing as finding games.