Australian Player Base copping an L from 343 :(

Yeah look, it’s clear that 343 haven’t put any parameters in the game for match making on a decent connection. If I’m lucky I’ll connect to an Aussie server or a Singapore server but the vast majority of my experience with Halo Infinite MP since say one has been to 200+ ping.

I just had a game of Fiesta with the event and no joke it says ‘unstable latency’ at the top of my screen lmao.
It is a very disheartening experience because even the other dumpster fire FPS releases, being COD & BF have no drama with this issue and even the MMC, it baffles me and TBH I’m holding back my frustration but I’ve already made a ticket back in Nov about this issue and they’ve even responded to it.

We need these additions the MP ASAP because I’m probably writing on the whole behalf of the OCE payer base, instead of $30 Mister Chief AI bundles. Make it happen 343 <3

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I’m a Kiwi that played at a high competitive level for many years but I now live in the USA.

The thing with OCE is the player base is so small, and with most Halo titles (especially after Reach) it got so small that it was even difficult to get custom lobbies going.

I agree that there should be some option to choose which servers you want to play on, like MCC. However, this won’t solve your problem. The OCE community has shown time and time again that implementing something like that doesn’t stop people from complaining. The complaint instead switches to complaining that you can’t find games.

Another factor is that AU/NZ players need NA players to fill matches, but it’s not the same the other way around so forcing NA players to play on high ping when there is an abundance of low ping matches for them isn’t fair either.

I still play with and against NZ/AU players quite regularly on the AU servers because I have a ton of friends that I have played with for many years so I know what the connection is like. Unless you are Western Aus, the connection to West US servers is very playable, even at a relatively high level.

However, if you really only want to play on AU servers and you’re playing on PC, you can Geofilter/block the servers that you don’t want to play on. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a very fair thing to do because you will end up with low ping and all other players will be 165+ as it gets filled with NA players. So you forcing that on an entire lobby, where as normally it would be just 1 player on high ping. 343 also banned a pro player from competing recently for doing that.

Anyway, connection really is playable, especially if you compare it to XBC CE, H2, and H3 days.

Welcome to my world of high ping :grinning:

I live in north Brazil

Most of my matches are ping 190ms - US east coast servers, but I’ve played 420ms ping matches (unstable latency warnings showed up)

On Gears 5 I find matches with 56ms ping, that are the proper server in south Brazil (no servers on north Brazil, or countries nearby)

We need server selection and even an improved Auto select towards the nearest server, I don’t think 343 even knows that Asia Servers are our Secondary server

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Yeah the situation of Asian server is bad too… the ping can reach 200 normally and even 700 sometimes. 343 should take network issue into serious consideration though they should have done it in the beginning…

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Playing from Canberra here.
I strongly recommend playing on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat from 4pm til 12pm. The community is alive and well.

I get games in ranked (onyx 1800) with Aussie lobbies all the time. The lower ranks are way more alive than onyx so the games are there. Ranked, Team Slayer, Quick Play, Fiesta in that order I’d guess are the populations.

You’ll also be much more likely to enjoy the game, and get Australian servers if you party up with a squad of Aussies :slight_smile:

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I thought this was only during season 1 by editing the windows host file. This software method no longer works to my knowledge. I have heard of DumaOS router firmware for popular routers to aid in setting up such things; I’m guessing this is still technically possible?!

I do not partake in this practice, but have received some XBL hatemail during Season 2 from West US players who match up against me and my friends… one of them said “cannot believe you still geofilter”. I replied saying he is BS and 343i removed host system abuse before S2.

Catching on that the hardware/firmware side of things (router/modem) can engage in these activities… I’ll raise a post about some loading screen data we desperately need in Halo Infinite; Server name and game type just like MCC