Australian FFA Lobby - Afraid of looking bad?!

The title is a bit in your face but as someone who placed Onyx in the first week of release…

I am honestly telling the world, no Australians play free for all - 7 days a week you’re guaranteed not to connect to a game at all. I guess all Australians except me are great blokes with 3’s of friends for parties - I don’t need to tell you how frustrating it can be to consistently verse mic chat teams of 4 as a solo player in the team lobbies.

Does anyone have a way of verifying if any games of free for all actually occur on the “Australian Matchmaking” anymore? Is my rank reducing my ability to play with silver/gold/plats?

Everyone gets placed in onyx in FFA though.
FFA has been abandoned by most as it is just a cluster -Yoink- of 8 people spawning in front of each other.