Aussie Halo Players

Hello Forum,

Been dealing with some increasingly bad games lately, and I’m getting kind of desperate, the lag doesn’t help, but there is no possible way to win team games without some cognitive team mates, I’d play Rumble Pit or Flood but… The population for those playlists are appalling, I only end up with players from different countries and I’m left at a disadvantage, I’m nearly almost over this game simply because I can’t seem to get into games with people from my own country in the smaller playlists, and then I’m forced to go into team games and rely on whatever team mates I’m paired up with. I’d much rather play Rumble Pit or Flood but, as mentioned above, there just aren’t any Australian players 9/10 times and I’m at a disadvantage.

It’s just been big team battle mostly since it seems to have the most players and therefore I get more of a chance of getting a game that isn’t too laggy.

So, I am hoping that somebody who is an experienced player and doesn’t have a negative K/D Spread would be willing to join up with me.

Either that or I guess I’m just going to have to start sending friend requests to random Australian players I meet in game, :L

Feel free to add me bro GT Phoyled only thing i should mention is iv become accustom to dexterity and using an AA so i try to avoid the plain Big Team Battle setting. (generally back out in lobby)

yep im in drop mess when onlione

Send me an FR I’m always up to play with peoples

Hah, it would be nice to play without lag, so I’m up for it, just send me a friend request

Done, sent you all a friend request. Looking forward to playing with you guys.

I would join you all, but HSC is on and BF4 comes out soon…

I don’t know what other online competitive game to play, I don’t like Call of Duty or Battlefield, modern shooters annoy me, I liked Section 8 but it didn’t become very popular.

So it’s just Halo 4, for now.

I have moved this thread over to the recruiting forums, where it belongs.

I’m one of a few moderators who are from Australia, feel free to shoot a message to my GT for some games matched to a Melbourne based Halo fan.

I don’t quite understand how the Forum categorization works.

Wait, send a message, not a friend request…?

Add me: GT D3STR0Y3R 214

I feel the same way, except i’m in the U.S.

I am looking for good games with people, especially custom games. I don’t like flood, I think it’s OP.

I am what I call a counter-pro player, I am mainly defensive and always succeed doing it. I have a CSR of 31 (I don’t play MM much), SR130 and KD ratio 1.3-1.4.

I’m sorry, but I’m only looking for players in the AU, otherwise we’ll lag, or I will probably, people in the US pull host 9/10 times.