Aus/NZ 4v4 Tournament !

Wanna take your game to the next level? if so then you might be interested in competing in a 4v4 tournament that the Australian Cyber League is holding to kick off the first season of the year ! FYI: (ACL is Australias AGL :D)

For further information, head over to the landing page with all the relevant information Here, or create your team of 4 and register Here. The more teams we get the merrier and we need to prove that competitive Halo is not dead ! gear up Spartans.

Note: This ONLINE tournament is only open to players from Australia and New Zealand, sorry for the inconvenience.

ACL is ‘Australia’s AGL’ by the way… AND your links both lead to the same place.

Sigh. Very professional?

^ tip for the future, dont make threads at 1:30 in the morning. Get off my case too, im not an admin or promoter. just a player trying to bring more players into the community.