[AUS] NAVY Big Game Halo: Reach 2v2 Announced

Grab a mate, dust off the DMR, it’s time for the NAVY Big Game Halo: Reach 2v2 Tournament!

The NAVY Big Game tournament is an online Halo: Reach 2v2 tournament, open to all Australian gamers, running over the weekend of September 29th-30th. This is an exciting opportunity to prove you have what it takes to be the best Halo: Reach doubles team in Australia. Not only do you get to prove you’re the best, there’s also some amazing prizes up for grabs, including flights, accommodation and entry to all sessions of the EB Games Expo, October 5th-7th, where you will participate in the NAVY Big Game Halo: Reach 4v4 Invitational, outlined below.

What? NAVY Big Game Halo: Reach 2v2 Tournament

When? Saturday September 29th, 12pm & Sunday 30th September, 10am

How Much? Entry is FREE

Eligibility: Restricted to Australian residents

Prizes - Winners will each receive the following:

  • Flights from their nearest capital city, accommodation and access to all 5 sessions of the EB Expo, from Friday 5th October - Sunday 7th October
  • Show matches with 2 special guests (outlined below)
  • An autographed Xbox 360 Console signed by each of our special guests
  • A Master Chief Costume

Rules, Maps and Gametypes:

The only Gametype being used for this tournament is Slayer DMRs with TWO changes: AR Secondary weapon and 25kills to win. No other changes will be made, meaning all load-outs and armour effects are allowed. The Gametype can be downloaded from the Xbox LIVE account “aclpro com au” and is named “NAVY HALO TS”. This is the only Gametype that can be used.

The maps being used for this event are the following standard (out of the box) maps available in the Team Slayer playlist:

The Cage

This tournament is a Double Elimination bracket with random seeding. The first THREE rounds are Best-of-1, with all proceeding rounds being Best-of-3, aside from the Grand Finals which will be Best-of-5.

A full list of Rules, Maps and Gametype can be found here: http://www.aclpro.com.au/2012/events/halo/navy-halo-rules
Terms and Conditions are found here: http://www.aclpro.com.au/2012/events/halo/navy-halo-terms-and-conditions

Other Important Information:
-Have ‘aclpro com au’ on your friends list, Inmaniac will be the referee of this tournament.
-READ and UNDERSTAND the rules of the tournament.
-Show up to your matches on time.
-Make sure you have registered properly.
-Have fun!

The NAVY Big Game Halo: Reach 2v2 Tournament Landing Page can be found here: http://www.aclpro.com.au/2012/events/halo/navy-halo-landing-page

To REGISTER your team of 2, go here: http://www.aclpro.com.au/forums/topic/18617-navy-big-game-halo-reach-registration-thread/

The winners of the online 2v2 event will head to EB Expo to play exhibition matches with Major League Gaming Pro Players WALSHY and STRONGSIDE. At the end of each EB Expo session (of which there are 5), the 2 winners will be matched up with 2 EB Expo participants to play a 4v4 show match against the NAVY TEAM OF STARS, featuring Walshy, Strongside and 2 of the best Halo players the Australian Navy can muster up.

Good Luck!

What??? Nobody else can join?Man…