Aus 7 Nov Lag

the game has worked perfectly up untill now. playing arena swat shooting people in the head and it is not registering or there is alot of trading or i shoot them in the head walk behind cover then they drop dead what is going on with the servers ive checked my internet and doesnt have anything wrong with it.

im Go Go just signed into proper acc now

I have noticed the same thing. Plus I can hear Americans in the chat, making me think we are being connected to US servers and not AU servers. Can 343 explain please. The game becomes unplayable when not connected to local servers.

Noticing it already and am really -Yoinked!- off TBH … finally a halo game where we can actually play on an Australian dedicated server … fast matches with great ping … and then there like … yea nah time to put them on american and EU servers because that’s what we were asking for. If its in response to Aussies wanting to play with american friends then how about do the logical thing and make it so the party leader is the one match made to the closest server so the vast majority of us who want a decent experience with low ping on an Australia dedicated server aren’t now randomly being forced onto the wrong server.

I agree they should add the ping cap back in but remove it when in a party by doing this it would fix so many problems

Why they dont let US choose the servers we want to play :frowning: