Augmented Moas

Refer to this thread for the lols but anyway.

What if having al alternate form of transport to the mongoose which is slightly faster and has the drivers with little protection and at a higher height in the form of a ‘horseback’ Moa.

It works just the same as the mongoose just looks slightly funnier and the Moa can be killed leaving its ‘occupants’ in the open.

Though it does seem kind of stupid it would be funny and coyld be kept as an easter egg or a forge option and a new race gamemode could be made from it (roll in ‘-Yoink!- my Moa’ vids).

Comment below and yes I’m being serious/ funny and dont really expect you to want it (not trollling)

Hmmm…I chose Easter Egg/Customs b/c it would be a little odd to have in MM. Unless there is a Race playlist then, i would go for it. However, i love the idea to have them as controllable vehicles. It’ll be like riding on Yoshi through MM match, lol.

If they do bring rideable moas into halo machinima maker have to recreate braveheart or the battle in lord of the rings return of the king, where instead of ton of soldier of Rohan on horseback, you have tons of Spartans on moas xD

Please make this happen :slight_smile:

augmented moas with dual incineration cannons

Not only must we be able to ride Moas, but we must also be able to step onto the back of a Quadwing and take to the skies.

Hopefully 343i see this and make “Moa chief” a reality :smiley:

How about a Moa/Spartan centaur? The genetic defect of the century! I would pay to see that.

Surprised no one has mentioned anything about wanting to ride a Guta

> Surprised no one has mentioned anything about wanting to ride a Guta

Only the chosen one can ride them… Sorry :frowning:

I wouldn’t mind seeing Moas as a form of transport, it could make for some excellent screenshots. I can already picture myself riding headfirst towards my enemies on my mighty battle moa!