Audio Settings

Every Halo game(Main story games that are FPSs, so not like HW/SA/SS) excluding Halo 5 has not had sound options, to lower FX or music or etc. Personally, I love the music in Halo and the sounds of gunfire/rockets, but there are also other times where I just want to tune out the sound and listen to some music. For people who use TVs this is pretty simple to do, though I use a headset that plays the game’s audio. Additionally, there are times where I’d just prefer to listen to different music but also be able to hear the FX in Halo, as sometimes that can be pretty vital to gathering info of the game that isn’t directly on the screen. Its only really in Halo 5 that I can do this, as again all other Halos if I remember correctly don’t have audio options, and I was wondering if Halo: Infinite will have similar audio options to it. If anyone knows or not, please let me know.

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> If anyone knows or not, please let me know.

I do not know.