Audio Log Gone Bug

Yeah I have a few audio logs that I couldn’t pick up on my legendary play through. I did a speed run on after to get a skull and am trying to check the same logs now. So far I’m 1/2, the ring fall Spartan log 8/8 is still no retrieve able even though I’m right on it and do not have it in my database.

This was actually super helpful

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There is no Bug on any Logs, the order are not always the same for everyone for some reason, if you are following guides to find a specific one and when you get to the place you cant grab it, then you need to follow the entire guide one by one, eventually you will find the missing one.

For example, I was missing the Ring Fall #7 Log and it turns out that my #7 was the #2 on all the youtube guides that I follow.

It is a bug, ive gone to every location for my scattered log and none have been active for me to finish my search

Had this happen to me, but due to a crash.

I have every collectable up to Pelican Down and now I am missing one, Retaliation 06. I am on top of it and nothing.

I have spent HOURS on legendary collecting these things and now it’s over?!

Try this link:

There are 8 in total but they unlock in order 1-8 irrespective of which pad order you pick up.

So check all 8 in the video because pads 1-5 in the video might not match pads 1-5 you picked up etc.

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There is one audio log that in the game that is mis-categorized on the tacmap. Like the actual audio log is UNSC but the tacmap counts it as Banished or something like that. I’m sorry, I don’t remember which one it is or which island it’s on, but once you complete the island, it corrects itself, but temporarily, it will seem like you’re missing a log because of it. I’ll try to find a guide where it explains this. Hopefully they fix it in an update.