Audio Log Gone Bug

This happened to me too, I submitted a bug report ticket for this on my account.

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What’s your technique on killing cheiftens on laso?

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When you were looking at guides did you only look specifically for the numbers you were missing? Because within each subcategory of the Spartan logs (Reverie, Extraction, Splinter etc) you seem to get the logs in order, regardless of which pad you find it’ll give you the next log int he sequence. This means the numbers on the guide won’t match the numbers you have. So you need to check all the logs for each section to make sure.


There’s a bug. I’m missing two of them and when i go there I can’t pick it up because I already did. Just didn’t register.


FYI audio logs are not in chronological order… So if you are missing #5 of the Spartan audio logs or something, it could be any of them, no way to know which ones are which specifically. So you basically have to look through the entire guide, and find the one that you actually need.

I’m just saying this because it created a lot of confusion for me at first, I thought it was bugged as well.


I’m missing two spartan logs, Retaliation #8 and Scattered #10. This bug sucks…


Is anybody searching for logs post campaign completion? I have 9 Spartan logs left and I’m searching post campaign completion and every single one of them shows incomplete in the database, but when I approach them they are also blank and can’t be picked up.

I’m wondering if the bug has to do with searching after campaign completion


Glitch for Spartan Retaliation #4 audio log- picked up and not counted as received in database or for score keeping

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THIS!! ITS NOT BUGGED! the game just hands out spartan logs in order of what it wants you to hear them, not location based


I am 24/26 on Connections region. I seem to be missing UNSC Audio log Egress and Spartan Log Priorities. I’ve went back to them and I’ve received them, I’m just not seeing it showing in my database.

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I will try this thanks

Just wanted to add my +1 on this issue.

One Spartan Log is missing, even though I revisited all the locations to double-check them.

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I think it may be a bug. I am missing the very last spartan audio log in the scattered section. It says on the map when I go to it that I have collected it, but it does not say in the database that I have collected it. It is the only spartan audio log I am missing and it is really frustrating.


I am missing Spartan audio log scattered number 10. It’s the only one I am missing in the game :rage:

For those struggling with this:

If you’re using the IGN Interactive Guide it’s wrong in a few places! Some things are mislabeled!

So if you’re missing a few Spartan logs some of them are actually labeled as UNSC! Kind of a pain but if you look at the text of each one it will say “Spartan” or “UNSC” in the text.

I already had found all the UNSC logs so I had just turned them off in the tracker. Jokes on me I wasted an hour or two going to all the Spartan locations looking for my 2 missing logs. Turned back on the UNSC and looked closely to find the ones I’m missing.

Also note; YOU CANT GO BY THE LOG NAME ITSELF. Unless you went in the exact order of IGN. Logs come out in order no matter where you find them so your Reverie 05 won’t be where IGN’s is. If you know you’re missing a Spartan log you need to check all Spartan log locations.

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have you tried getting all of them for that category? Ive spent around 20 hrs fetching all and just unlocked rocket hog, didnt have a missing log as the logs you aquire are in sequence for categories unless specific like esch 15.

look up the game walkthroughs,

do a find on

type category keyword

and find next.

each walkthrough has different locations for each audio log, but each log never moves, you just unlock the next in the sequence.

only got one skull left to get, and havent had to restart game yet.

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Same issue.

I’ve collected this Audio Log (Spartan Evacuation 7, Intrepid descent) and nothing is registered as having been found in my Database.


If you’re using quick resume on Xbox series it might be the cause of the issue.

You end up playing the game whilst disconnected from the servers.

I used this to find the remaining spartan logs:

It covers them in audio log sections as opposed to map sections.

If you’re missing one in a certain log section you have to check all log locations for that section (each log is unlocked in order, irrespective of which datapad you found, they’re not linked to specific datapads)

Yup! That’s the only thing I am missing for 100 percent… : /