Audio Log Gone Bug

So when i was looking for audio logs in the game, i had found one near a group of elites, Spartan - Evacuation 07 - Intrepid Descent is the audio log, found near the bottom left of the map on the mountains, when i picked up the audio log, i had died right after because an elite threw a plasma at me killing me right after, now the audio log is shown as collected when i go back to it on the mountain, but it doesnt show as collected in the database, i already submitted a support ticket about the bug but does anyone know if there is a way to get it again beside making a new game?


It may be a bug? I have 2 spartan audio logs missing but no matter what I can’t find them went through the guides online and I’ve collected everything so I’m guessing its a bug?


This keeps happening to me, too. I don’t even die, they just don’t go through the tracker.

It kind of makes hunting these things irrelevant when they don’t work half the time.


Same here. Says I don’t have Intrepid Descent, but I remembered getting it. I went back to the spot, and there is no way to pick it back up again. Massively frustrating for a completionist like me.


Audio log entries don’t spawn in specific places - you can get them in ANY order and they will unlock 01-X. Your best bet is to follow a youtube guide for the specific subsection of the database to make sure you got all of the pads.


Yep, same log for me. Got it while following a guide to complete that area before moving on but it didn’t register in the tracker. Can’t re-trigger it so no way to force it to re-register.

Same issue for me evacuation number 4 is collected but not in database. Sucks I hope they fix it.

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It happened to me too. I currently have a few Spartan Audio Logs left, but to name one of them is Spartan Reverie Log 04 On the Mend. I went into the same spot as this one guide I use for achievement hunting. It’s not activating, it’s not blinking or making a sound like the rest of the audio logs when you’re close by them. I’ll be doing another playthrough on easy difficulty to find the missing skulls I missed during the missions and to get that tank achievement.
On a side note, 343i has to really put the replayable feature soon, cause this made me not want to spend hours just to get a few collectible items.

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Same my spartan audio log 7 is bugged too. I cant remember if i died to the elite or not though. Just that it isnt in my database and i cant pick it back up.

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I have 2 also that I’ve picked up but dont register on my list. Used the ign wiki map guide.
Both spartan logs
Retaliation #8
Scattered #10

Also bugged is upgrades. But playing a second time in easy had been popping a lot of achievements i should have unlocked in my finished legendary play through.

Fully upraded sheilds bugged still but haven’t taken the time to get cores to upgrade it again to test fix it.

Hoping this bug on the logs gets a fix. Playing a new game i went to these log tablets and theyre greyed out.

Im 5 achievements away from 100%. I know medic has arrived but was hoping to be done soon.

Please add this issue/fix on next patch so i can bust some moves on multiplayer

Same here… really disappointing and makes me not want to collect any of the remaining audio logs knowing i can never complete it.

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Same issue I’m having. Mine is spartan evacuation 07 intrepid decent. I’ve rebooted Xbox. Uninstalled game and reinstalled. I even said screw it and restarted a new game to find out that the audio logs stay unlocked through saves. So frustrating . Hope this gets fixed asap.

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Anyone having an issue with any of the collectables, please make a ticket and give as much info as possible, im currently missing half the spartan audio logs, and thats the last campaign achievement i have left. Ive already completed the campain normal and SLASO, all i need is the audio logs


Thanks for that comment. I didn’t realize that was the case at all, so I went back through every single one. Found out I missed the one near a Mjolnir crate northwest of FOB Foxtrot. I also discovered that if you die after picking up the audio logs (but before getting a checkpoint), you have to get it again. I found that out definitively during the pelican down main end fight.

im missing 2 as well, definitely bugged

I am having the same issue with my Scattered Log 10, titled Message in a Bottle.
I have visited every location twice and all datapads are turned off and no longer collectible.
This log is preventing a 100% save file…

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It happened to a lot of my audio logs. They are the last achievements I need, and I can’t even collect them if I make a new save. I think I paused while getting the log, which may have glitched it.

I’ve had the same issue, Spartan Scattered log #10 got collected, but it didn’t count in the menu, and restarting the game doesn’t work cause once a collectable has been found it’s grayed out for the account… 343 is going to have to give credit per person cause this doesn’t seem to be centered around 1 particular log.

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Sadly I have the same issue. Curious if anyone else has a similar bug to mine. I just finished finding all the audio logs in the 2nd island but it’s stuck at 25/26. I used IGNs interactive map and verified that each audio log has been unlocked and can be listened too in my database. But my database says I still haven’t discovered Ringfall 08. Using the power of the internet I went back to the location of 08 and sure enough, it has already been listened too.

But here’s the thing. The tacmap shows that I found all the audio logs in the 1st island (12/12) even though the database shows me missing Ringfall 08. So I’m wondering if that missing audiolog bug carried into the 2nd island and shows me still missing 1 more audio log even though I’ve verified that I found every unlockable audiolog in the 2nd island? Really bummed about that :frowning:

I’m missing at least 8 Spartan Audio logs. Even though I found and unlocked those 8, they still don’t register.

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