Audio log bug fix?

Hello everyone! I beat the campaign on legendary recently and was going back through collecting audio logs. I was able to get all all the Marine and Banished logs but when collecting the Spartan audio logs, I have ran into a glitch. On Spartan audio log number 6, it’s saying I have not collected it in the data tab and has an X over it. But the audio log is not blinking as if I have collected it.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did you fix it?

Spartan audio logs do not spawn in specific locations - they unlock in the same order regardless of the order you collect them. Number 6 will unlock on the 6th audio log you collect under that category

I’m having the same issue with spartan audio logs. I have two that I’ve collected but they’re showing not collected.

I had one say I didn’t collect it…fun stuff…

I’m having trouble with the 7th Spartan Evacuation Audio log (and it’s the last one I need). I’ve collected it, reloaded the game, not continued and still doesn’t show.