Audio - footsteps

Is anyone else having issues distinguishing footsteps in this game? I usually hear very accurately with my headset in games like Fortnite/Valorant/etc. I can’t seem to distinguish non-sprint footsteps (sometimes sprint steps also). I like the new radar but it would be nice to have a little clearer audible on walking players. Maybe it’s there and I’m nuts idk lol but I was having a lot of issues figuring out footsteps sounds.

I agree. A sparten is basically a walking tank. Why can’t we with all our enhancements and tech hear better?

Indeed. Guys running right up behind me and the only thing I hear is the sound of an elbow in my back. Something for the devs to fix for sure.

You’re not the only one. The audio is definitely an issue right now.

To me, the audio felt very flat, it didn’t feel loud where it needed to, the rocket launcher felt like it had a suppressor, it didn’t feel “powerful”.

Yeah,we really need better footsteps audio…I really hope 343i adjusts this,Halo infinite have an extremely big potential to beat every other fps in the market If its done right.

There is so much other pointless audio going on, like audial hitmarkers, Spartan chatter, AI chatter, music. I couldn’t hear any footsteps. But I didn’t really think about it.

I can’t tell I’m getting hit from behind until my spartan grunts at about 50% shields down. I can’t hear gun fire behind me or hit registering or footsteps. It’s getting frustrating.