Audio cues are quite lacking

I find it odd that often I’m being shot at and don’t notice until it’s too late. Usually this is when I’m playing with a Keyboard and Mouse. I’m using a Logitech gaming headset that is supposed to be pretty good but often I don’t hear the shots that are coming at me from behind. I’m not sure if that is because there’s just too much noise to begin with and it sort of washes it out or if there’s an actual issue with the rear channel audio. Ive tried different settings on my computer and headset but none seem to help.

The biggest difference I have noticed is that when playing with a controller you at least get a vibration feedback that tells you that you’re being shot. K&M don’t have this feedback. Stronger visual and audio cues to when you’re being shot would be nice. Thanks.


Hey mate, I’m having same issued with sound so are all my mates its not just you, getting shot in the back only way I know is the shields going down and then its too late to do anything…


It seems to be everything out of your FOV has litle - no audio


Yup looks the sound in this game is definitely not right. If shots are from outside your FOV they do no register. I’ve been getting killed from behind/left/right and not hearing bullets or footsteps and when my shield is gone that’s when I realize I’ve been shot. Positional audio is severely lacking. Coming from PUBG where I can hear a pin drop it’s really difficult to understand why I can’t hear a person close to me.

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Same here. Almost zero audio indication of someone sprinting up right behind me and shooting me in the back. It’s outrageous. I’m so used to games like Hunt Showdown and Overwatch that are so audio based, and this is killing me.

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So I would like to provide a little bit of an update. I think this may be a broader issue than just Halo Infinite. I loaded up Forza Horizon 5 and drove to a waterfall. When the waterfall is right in front of me it’s loud but as soon as it is off screen I can’t hear it anymore. I tested this on my Xbox Series X and I can hear the waterfall just fine when it’s off screen so it seems to be an issue in Windows.

I’ve tested this with both my Logitech G533 headset and my speakers and I can’t hear rear audio through either of them in Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5. I’ve run the 7.1 audio speaker test in control panel and all the channels play just fine through my headset.

Conversely, I tested Satisfactory and rear audio seems to be working just fine in that so I’m not sure if it’s something about first-party MS games or what.

Im playing on xbox and lost all audio in general. I can only hear the 343 intro when you boot the game up then nothing. So audio issues are definitely a current problem. Ive tried everything and nothing has worked.

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Came on here to see if others were experiencing terrible audio in this game too…so here I am!

I’m playing on Xbox One X with Audio Technica ADG1X headset and usually have excellent directional audio in all games…unfortunately this is clearly lacking in Halo Infinite.

Footsteps from players sprinting up from behind are non existent, and weapon fire is barely audible. I don’t have any issues from left, right, above and below…it’s just directional audio from behind.

This is extremely annoying, frustrating and needs to be addressed as a priority as it’s simply not acceptable to have such terrible audio on a AAA title like this.

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I’ve been having the same sort of audio issues and it’s really frustrating. I’ll be getting mowed-down from behind that there’s almost no audio indication at all. It’s obvious that this is a bug and I hope 343 can solve it quickly.

Yep, 343 literally hasn’t addressed this problem because they coded their entire audio system improperly.
It’s disgusting that the ENTIRE PC USERBASE is stuck with audio worse than a $0.99 indie game dev could make.