Audible Alerts & Progress Bar

With wait times anywhere from 3-10 minutes or longer from matchmaking queue start to the actual start of the game, it would be greatly appreciated if there were audible alerts for each progression through the matchmaking queues. Specifically speaking, there should be a noticeable sound alert when: 1) Character selection has started. 2) Character selection is about to end. 3) The match has officially started.

During the loading screens it would also be greatly appreciated if there was a progress bar present showing how much progress is left before the game starts. This would help to help alleviate some of the unbearable wait of the game loading caused by blind waiting. It would also help reduce the number of people quitting before the game starts due to them thinking the game was stuck in an endless loop instead of just being slow.

Implementing both of these small additions into the game would help to make for a larger enjoyment by more players & an overall better experience for everyone gaming.

Just ideals to make the long loading times seem more bearable & help those that have lost focus on the game, (due to the search times), return to the game in time to select their character instead of being stuck with the default character. Too many people were quitting because of the wait or that the their game froze when it was just loading slowly :frowning: