ATV QUad Power Racing 2 Map REMAKE w/VIDEO

So back on the PS2 and Xbox (and Gamecube…) there was a little game called “ATV: Quad Power Racing 2”. This game was grossly overshadowed by the monster that was “ATV Offroad Fury 2”. So most people probably have not seen or heard about this truly underrated arcade ATV racer.

One of the main features to me were the challenges, although kicking people off their atv in mid air was hilarious fun, I was always drawn back to try and complete the INSANELY hard challenges. Part of these challenges were called “Tower Challenge”. You were given a tough time limit and a crazy tower that you had to climb.

I have recreated to the best of my ability the third Tower Challenges. They are meant for solo use, but co-op is still fun.

Until the File Share is implemented, just add: “Krazee DD” on LIVE and you can get to my Fileshare from there.

Here is a vid showcasing the map, let me know your thoughts please.

Rock on.