Attrition - Remove/limit power weapons and power-ups

Attrition in my opinion would be so much better if it didn’t decide who wins based on power weapons or power-ups. I think this mode would reward more teamwork if it was more barebones.

So many times your in a crucial moment/situation where you’re alone or outnumbered and you simply just lose because the enemy had rockets, invis or overshield.

Please either remove or Limit the ammo of power weapons and maybe only allow power ups once a round.

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It does seem that way, and I wonder if it would feel a bit more balanced if they try something like what you’ve laid out, limited power ups alongside limited lives might force people to make more tactical calculations if they want to win

However, even with the power ups and shields/camo, I find that what’s really making a difference is having a coordinated team and communicating well. If I go into these matches alone to match up with a random team, if no one’s on mic it’s a lot harder to coordinate a win and we seem to get obliterated. On the other hand, if I’m with a group of friends already, we won probably 5 out of 6 games because it was easier to coordinate.

Having said that though I’m not super sure how the power weapons being less available would change the gameplay. On certain maps, having the power weapons seems to make a big difference, but on others it doesn’t seem to affect a whole lot. Reminder these are based on my in game experiences and what I recall, slash indicates two possible weapons that can spawn in that map:

  • Aquarius - Overshield/Camo - sometimes makes a difference, depends how it’s utilized
  • Recharge - Sword/Hammer and especially with Overshield/Camo seems to make a huge difference in which team is able to pull out a win because they can simply devastate the other team.
  • Behemoth - skewer/sniper and shield/camo don’t seem to cause too much of an imbalance, and I’m not sure if it’s because there’s so much extra space or the skewer and sniper are a little harder to wield than the melee weapons
  • Streets - Cindershot/Rocket … not sure if there’s a camo/shield in this one, genuinely don’t remember where it would spawn. Both are a little unwieldy but have a larger blast radius than the precision guns so if it gets into the hands of someone who can slaughter with it then the other team is screwed
  • Bazaar - Cinder/rockets, camo/shield - I think since this map has so many narrow alleys and hallways it makes the rockets and cindershot harder to use, but the camo and overshield can really cause problems for the opposing team. I feel like it’s a little more balanced on this map
  • Live Fire - skewer/sniper … why do I feel like it sometimes spawns rockets? also camo/shield. If someone controls the power weapons and manages to hold the tower securely for a long time they can wipe out the other team very quickly. But I think this is kind of a design issue (feature?) with the map as it’s not just this game mode where holding the tower is almost a surefire way to win
  • Pretty sure launch site is not included in this game mode, I’m not going to check right now but feel free to correct me if I’ve messed up spawns/launch site is actually included. i don’t remember playing attrition on it
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