Attrition matches are too short


Either the enemy team wins very fast or my team. No matches is longer than around 5 minutes. Thats too fast, we need more lives.

Wow a single life mode ending too quickly…

What else is new?


More lives isn’t going to fix the problem. I had a guy lose 7 lives by himself last game. If you’ve got teammates who aren’t familiar with the game mode, adding more lives isn’t going to fix one-sided matches. More time on the clock doesn’t give you more time to turn around a match like CTF or Oddball in this game mode.


I have to get 20 assists. Incredibly painful challenge given how short the matches are. I looked ahead, and I have to get 5 back smacks as well in a later challenge. Not looking forward to that one.

Also, I’m really not a fan of the asymmetrical weapon spawns. One team gets easy BR access, another gets Commando. I really wish BR were on both, or Commando on both. Not one or the other.

I mean it’s up to 3 rounds, you start with all 4 alive and have 8 lives…so up to 36 deaths per game, minimum 24, so it’s 1/2 to 3/4 of a slayer game roughly. I’d say that’s fine. Real problem is that one dude can go 2-16 and use basically all the extra lives because all they can do is AR+beatdown.

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Attrition is just a gamemode that doesn’t work without a very strict SBMM, because otherwise you will always have a player being way to good and just kills everybody or a player that is too bad that throws away the match.

On top of that a lot of maps might be a problem. The match is supposed to be a bit longer, because you can revive teammates. However, if the enemy can see you before you had the chance of doing that (because most of the time you get killed in spots with a line of sight), you won’t be able to do that.

Attrition is GARBAGE. Out of every halo game mode I have ever played in ANY OF THE GAMES, it is by far THE WORST, most half baked piece of worthless trash I have ever dealt with

I really like it. Not sure if it needs more lives, seems ok at the moment.

that’s your opinion, i thoroughly enjoyed it especially with a full team of mates.

Strange, that isn’t how my games have been going. They’ve been lasting as long as other matches, since generally they are ‘2-3’ rounds if the opponents win at least one round. Give it time I’d say, the ‘SBMM’ will put you into appropriate matches sooner or later. Since it is a brand new game mode, I’d suspect the ‘SBMM’ is still adjusting the social ‘MMR’ of most (if not all) of the players in the game mode.

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You get 12 lives between the team

Yes - and after the 12 lives you have a chance to revive but due to the timer is often very hard imo.

I like the idea of the game modes, this thread is not meant for bashing. But i think more lives would benefit the mode.

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If you increase the number of lives, it gets even more likely that one team reaches the elimination stage, while the other one does not (which occassionally happens already but it’s not that common). And even if teams are quite evenly matched it would move the gameplay more in the direction of team slayer until the elimination phase hits because bascially that is what it will be until then.

If we want to increase overall match duration it would be better to move from best of three to best of five in my opinion.

Or from 4v4 to BTB. That would add a different mode in BTB, where 4v4 already has more (team slayer, Oddball, Strongholds, CTF, 1 flag CTF, Fiesta, Tactical Slayer)

See I don’t think it actually would. It would just artificially prolong the more slayer-like portion without getting to the whole point of the game mode, which is reviving.

No way to really change it. They need to get rid of radar and it should be a ranked mode as well.

But at the same time, I think it should have the one attack one defend capture the flag. I also think it would be cool if they created their own search and destroy game with this mode.

No matter what radars need to go and I don’t care to much for the slayer aspect but I don’t mind it. I think if it was a mode that has specific objectives like I mention above it would be more entertaining.

I disagree. I like that they are short matches.

So I am sitting longer in the lobby than being in the actual game?
That’s good?
If there are no lobbies where can press continue with the group to the next map, its boring like this.

Not sure if I’d go as far as saying garbage but it’s far from my favourite too.

Still it’s something different to try.

Not having that problem. It would be nice to have a continue with group though.