Attrition - let eliminated players roll their orbs

I think attrition could be fun, but at the moment it is not. Most of my matches ended in 4v1, 4v2, scenarios and in those cases the losing team did not have much options.

One problem is that the winning team camps around the orbs of the eliminated players, hence trying to resurrect a teammate generally ends in two and then three teamplayers getting eliminated very close by, giving further incentive for the winning team to camp in the same spot.

That way, the red wall of death, which is a very fun concept, rarely ever is a factor in attrition, since matches end too quickly.

My solution? Let eliminated players move their orbs. Very slowly. Make it hard to roll uphill and easy to go downhill. But let them move, so that they don’t get all clustered together, and instead of the whole winning team camping around them, they have to split up and follow the orbs.

I mean if won a 1v4.

The game mode is actually pretty good, the biggest issue is people just rush out and will do it all game. So often I have a teammate go 1-8, people like that will always die out alone making the res not possible.

Moving orbs would be a bad idea imo, I like the fact you can use them as bait and always know their location

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Perhaps it could work if you only let them roll within a limited area (Flag-respawn-size).

But in the end, it’s all about being smart enough to know when to revive someone and when not.

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It adds a sort of objective other than slaying. I like it too.

If I were to change anything, I would shorten the revive timer to 3/4 of its current length.

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The key is to not die in the middle of the open :shushing_face:

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Wow I love this.
Great idea.
Would take lots of work th make the orb a physical object with physics that are well tuned but imagine what we could do with customs if we can toggle different orb stats and traits and let it have a little bounce for stairs.

I’d also like to the revive cool down as well so if you half revive then fight off a player you don’t necessarily start the revive at 0 again.

Or able to move and crouch while reviving, either would be great additions!

Encase you wanted to see the 1v4, testing the new link sharing too.

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What players want to do with their orbs, eliminated or not, is up to them. Sometimes they need a shuffle.

Another option would be to keep orbs visible to your teammates but invisible to the enemy.

It might make it less obvious and more difficult to camp the corpses, especially if they are spread out in different parts of a map.

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I think there are a lot bigger and smaller tweaks 343 could try all across the game modes. It would be great if there was some sort of “experimental” playlists, which lets us test all kind of stuff, just to see whether or not it could work/is an improvement.

I’d like to shoot with my orb and also change it’s body shape :wink: